More about Machinery

More about Machinery

30.11.2021 A visit of Ilyich-Agro Donbass

Our company hosted a large delegation from Ilyich-Agro Donbass (a production division of HarvEast Holding).

25.10.2021 About 100 farmers visited Exciting No-till workshop

Agro-Soyuz hosted ‘Exciting No-till: theory and practical experience from farmers’ workshop in Dnipro on October 21-22.

08.10.2021 No-Till in Bulgaria and field demonstration of Turbosem

Agro-Soyuz demonstrated a time-proven model Turbosem 19-40 to Bulgarian farmers..

04.10.2021 New product! A 3-meter Turbosem drill for No-till!

Agro-Soyuz commissioned a long-expected new product: the single-disc No-Till drill Turbosem 19-32 (working width: 3 meters).

30.08.2021 Turbosem at the Agro-giants battle

The Agro-Soyuz’s booth was one of the most visited during the show.

04.08.2021 Liquid fertilizer application

Soyuz-SpecTechnika LLC offers a new option for its drills – a tank for liquid fertilizer application.

01.07.2021 New partner in Bulgaria

Animex Company – Agro-Soyuz’s new partner in Bulgaria – will now promote No-Till technology and machinery in this country.

14.06.2021 New products at AGRO-2021

The company displayed a variety of conservation agriculture machines of own production and machines manufactured by the partners.

26.03.2021 Romania transitions to No-Till with Agro-Soyuz’s machinery

One of the largest Romanian farms (Grup Serban) makes a transition to No-Till technology with Agro-Soyuz’s support.

25.02.2021 Agro-Soyuz became the Golden Partner of “NTLab” conference

Traditionally, Agro-Soyuz became the partner of the third international conference “NTLab 2021”, which was held in Kiev on February 23–25.

12.03.2020 Turbosem as one of the best machines for No-Till

Looking for No-Till machinery? Consider Turbosem!

02.03.2020 Joint work to improve No-Till performance in Moldova

This February Agro-Soyuz’s team worked in Moldova. We held an individual master-class on Vyacheslav Chorniy’s farm. This farmer has been in No-Till for 12 years.

27.02.2020 No-Till in Romania together with Agro-Soyuz

Agro-Soyuz has a new dealer in Europe – the Romanian company ETUFARM. This is one of the largest machinery and equipment suppliers for agriculture, which has been operating in the market for more than 15 years.

27.01.2020 NTLAB20 gathered more than 300 no-tillers

The third international conference “No-Till Lab” took place in Kiev on February 23-24. This event outcompeted the last year’s conference in terms of participants and geography: this time there were more than 300 farmers from 14 countries. “Agro-Soyuz” was the partner of the conference.

23.12.2019 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

May this holiday season brighten you up with peace, joy and good cheer!

09.12.2019 Agro-Soyuz will be a partner of NTLab-2020

The no-tiller’s community of Eastern Europe is getting prepared for the largest event in the industry, i.e. International conference “No-Till Laboratory 2020”. Agro-Soyuz will be a partner of the event.

02.12.2019 No-Till in Kazakhstan: there is potential!

For the first time after a long break, Agro-Soyuz held No-till training in Kazakhstan.

22.10.2019 Turbosem drill does a good job all over Ukraine

According to our customers, Turbosem drills do a good job in seeding grains, legumes, small-grains, canola and even sunflower.

14.08.2019 New agricultural project in Bulgaria

Agro-Soyuz’s team is implementing a “turn-key” project in Bulgaria on Nedko Petrov’s farm.

04.06.2019 Transition to No-Till is inevitable. Summary of NTLab-2019

Agro-Soyuz hosted the international conference “No-Till Laboratory: field practice” on May 30-31, 2019. This was the largest event of this kind both in Ukraine and in former Soviet countries in terms of geography and number of participants. About 300 farmers from 6 countries took part in NTLab-2019.

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