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About Company

Key idea of the business
  • Supply agricultural producers with technologies and corresponding technical aids that allow to improve business efficiency.
  • Assist agricultural producers to establish and maintain performance of the farming technical system by offering necessary spare parts and top-class technical service.
  • Ifluence the agricultural industry through learning, popularization, adoption and dissemination of sustainable technologies.

  • Soyuz-SpecTechnics Company - to agricultural producers
  • Farming machinery, designed and manufactured keeping resource-saving technologies in mind. Technological support during comissioning of machinery.
    • We manufacture and sell only those types of machinery and separate options that determine the profile of resource-saving technologies.
    • We manufacture and sell seeding machinery that performs well in No-till environment (under different conditions: i.e. soils, crops, moisture content) and works under other technologies.
    • We manufacture and sell seeding machinery with various types of openers (disk, hoe, double-disk).
    • The seeding machinery is suitable for different crops and different climatic conditions.
    • The machinery that we sell ensures exact match with technological and logistic requirements for the most efficient economic models of crop production.
    • The assortment of machinery that we offer allows agricultural producers to establish machinery fleet for sustainable farming at an optimum price-quality ratio with lower requirement in tractor power.
    • Maximum economic result in crop production due to a perfect match of machinery with technology and logistics.
  • Tarpaulin covered hangars, which allow to reduce depreciation and investment burden as well as minimize construction period.
    The hangars are adapted for innovation technologies in livestock farming.
    • The hangars allow 3-4 times reduction of construction period.
    • The structure is simple and versatile; it is mobile and air-tight.
    • The cover is durable (in agressive environment of pig farming), non-toxic and light permeable.
    • The hangars fit any purpose. They can be used as facilities for livestock production, social infrastructure facilities, warehouses, storages, proudction workshops, etc.
  • Spare parts and service to seeding and soil tillage machinery.
    Warranty and post-warranty maintenance of sold machinery and equipment.
  • Capacity
  • The area of manufacturing facility is 9000 m2

  • Full technological cycle of manufacturing: from nesting to assembly of a finished product.

  • Manufacturing capacity (machinery) – 800 seeding machines per year.

  • Main production and technological stages
  • Treatment in a shot-blaster and nesting of metal sheets.

  • Cutting of non-circular tubes.

  • Welding and deseaming.

  • Painting and drying.

  • Assembly and testing of finished products.

  • The machinery is supplied to agricultural enterprises of Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Moldova by its own network of sales representatives.

    When delivering the machinery the specialists of our enterprise perform:
  • Sales and consultation on how to take the supplied machinery to the rated capacity.

  • Technological support of customers converting to sustainable technologies.

  • Training of the customer's specialists at technological schools and during master-classes.