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Stripper headers: the most efficient way to harvest under No-Till

очесывающая жатка Шелбурн

Consider purchasing unique harvesting machine for No-Till technology – CVS stripper headers manufactured by Shelbourne (Great Britain).

You can select from a wide variety of Shelbourne models with the width ranging from 5 to 12 meters.

Shelbourne stripper headers improve harvesting efficiency and bring the perfect grain quality to you.

These machines reduce the volume of straw flowing into the combine which results in significant capacity enhancement.


The header is driven by a 24” rotor, which consists of 8 rows of stainless lobes operating over the whole width. The key-hole like openings located at the header’s base are very important for quality stripping.

Stripping fingers raise the lodged crop and feed the head into the openings.
Then, the grain flows into the rotating auger.

Features of Shelbourne’s CVS headers

• Wear resistant stainless springing flanged fingers.
• Receiving cups on the fingers are looking upwards, which makes it easier to handle varieties that are otherwise difficult to harvest. These cups also adjust the grain’s trajectory when flowing through the header.

The in-cab toggle switch controls rotor RPMs to enhance harvesting efficiency. This feature enables harvesting of crops with varying moisture content (morning - day - evening).

The 7-, 9- and 10-meter headers are shifted to the right in order to balance the heavy left edge. Thus, the header is easier aligned on the inclined chamber.

CVS drives

- Range: from 440 to 770 RPMs

- Speed ramp up: 1 RPM

- Speed changing device: in-cab monitor.

- Belt type: single belt with speed adjustment option.

- Tension system: torque spring and cam-driven self-tensioning system.


Usual wheat harvest:

Shelbourne CVS stripper headers on wheat improve combine efficiency by 30–50%. During the operation grain is flowing without straw; this results in efficiency improvement and loss reduction.

Wheat harvest/double crop soybeans:

The stripper header allows to start harvesting 1–2 weeks earlier and with higher (up to 35%) moisture content (to drill soybean double crop earlier).

The stripped straw creates more favorable conditions as the drill does not need to cut through thick layer of cut straw left behind conventional combine. Consequently, it improves seed to soil contact and thus results in better emergence.

Early harvest =

Better wheat quality

Early drilling of the second crop

Higher soybean yield

Lodging and hale damage:

Due to reverse rotation of the rotor Shelbourne CVS can raise the lodged crops. Under these conditions straw pick-up is reduced and efficiency and grain quality are enhanced.

Dryland wheat residues/moisture management

The stripper header leaves the straw standing. The stubble catches snow and this increases moisture availability for the growing crop. Standing stubble creates ideal conditions for No-Till seeding.

To purchase Shelbourne headers contact the official representative – Soyuz-SpecTechnika LLC.

We will deliver any machine of this brand upon request!

Tel. +3(050)421-50-56.