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More about Machinery

Turbosem drill mesmerized Bulgarian farmers

turbosem_bulgariaNo-Till in Bulgaria is still poorly explored. Four years ago Agrimat BG (headed by Alexander Kitev) was one of the first companies that converted to sustainable farming. These days other Bulgarian farmers join them.

There is a small Avren village near Varna resort. This is where Poligrain BG Company is operating under the guidance of Plamen Nikolov. They farm 1,800 hectares.

They used to work under conventional technology, but now they decided to make a shift to zero-tillage. The mindset of Plamen Nikolov changed after the No-Till Conference that was held in Bulgaria in March, 2017 and visiting of Agro-Soyuz Holding. 

The Holding adopts innovation technologies on its farm (more than 20 years of experience) and manufactures resource-saving equipment.

This year Plamen Nikolov purchased a single-disc Turbosem drill manufactured by Soyuz-SpecTechnics and now he’s selling his plows and cultivators. This means he’s serious about it!

turbosem_bulgaria_2The picture shows winter canola drilling (after wheat harvest) on September 6-7. The first impression is good. This area is drought stressed. There was no rain here for 2 months. However, Turbosem did a good job drilling into dry soil. The capacity and the speed of operation are excellent. Plamen Nikolov also mentioned that any adjustments on the machine are very easy and convenient to make.

We wish a good luck and good yields to our Bulgarian colleagues!

Watch video: Turbosem drill working in Bulgaria