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More about Machinery

New PonTerra drill is successful in Kazakhstan

 PonTerraKazakhstan is getting prepared for harvest. The crop was drilled by a new machine manufactured by Agro-Soyuz – an all-purpose PonTerra drill. The representatives of the factory visited Kazakhstan farmers that operated the new machine this year. The machine is good, the yield is expected to be good.  

PonTerra is an innovation of Soyuz-SpecTechnics Company (part of Agro-Soyuz Holding) – the renowned Ukrainian manufacturer of sustainable machinery. This is a multi-purpose machine that can be used for seeding without prior soil preparation, application of fertilizer. It can also be used as a cultivator and a deep ripper. A sort of 3-in-1 transformer.

PonTerraРоnТегга consists of an air-drill with 4 rows of openers (working width – 9.3 meters), tine-harrow, a set of packing wheels and a bunker (for seeds and fertilizers).

The machine was first exhibited in Astana during KazAgro Exhibition (October, 2016) and immediately provoked the interest of local farmers. The first machine was sold directly from the exhibition booth. In addition to that Kazakhstan farmers purchased 10 more machines in preparation for 2017 seeding campaign.

What is unique about PonTerra?


It’s been designed with Kazakhstan local farming conditions in mind. The farming areas of Kazakhstan feature low level of precipitation – 200-300 mm, whereas maintaining of optimal seeding window is very important. According to Barayev Institute the wheat yield can differ more than 2 times depending on the seeding date. In order to hit a narrow seeding window (15, maximum 20 days in Kazakhstan) it is necessary to have a larger machinery fleet. This leads to production costs increase. PonTerra solves the problem of Kazakhstan farmers: it can manage large areas quickly and efficiently without the need for a large machinery fleet.

It is suitable for all types of soils and allows to perform solid seeding of any crops (both conventionally and mini-till). PonTerra features high capacity – up to 180 hectares per day and it is pulled by 270-350 h.p. tractor. This helps the farmers to save on machinery fleet.

PonTerraPneumatic packing wheels make it possible to work under very wet conditions. They create even pressure across the whole working width, thus creating favorable conditions for vigorous stand establishment. The seeding complex is equipped with a 2-section grain cart with a powerful 10’’ self-loading auger, which allows to reduce the idle time when loading seeds and fertilizer. Basic configuration of PonTerra can be easily transformed into a sweep cultivator (just take the packing wheels off). The working depth is up to 18 cm. Mulch-Mix sweeps (option) allow to convert PonTerra into a deep ripper (working depth up to 28 cm).

 PonTerraSoyuz-Spectechnics is sure that PonTerra will be successful not only in Kazakhstan, but all over CIS countries. It is universal, high-capacity and what’s even more important it is affordable and doesn’t require high pulling power.

Picture 1: PonTerra in the fields of Kazakhstan

Picture 2: PonTerra at KazAgro-2016

Picture 3: Wheat seeding in Kazakhstan (May, 2017)

Picture 4: Wheat stand at Semenovka Agro LLP (Kostanay region; 5,000 ha) in July, 2017 Planted in May, 2017 by PonTerra.

Picture 5: left edge – wheat drilled with PonTerra. The crop is uniform and has a lot of productive heads compared to wheat drilled with another machine.

For more information on PonTerra machines, please call:

Tel. + 38(050)421-50-56 (Ukraine).

Tel. +7(705)451-56-55, +7(705)583-82-43, +7(705)294-91-42 (Kazakhstan).